About Us

Being with one another

The plank flooring testifies to long celebrations, no wonder, as Möller has been open around the clock every day for 35 years. Wood tables of all colours, deco, which can be quaint or dusty, the whole room gets a little smudged – like something that is often used.

The service crew is cheerful, the crowd is jumbled together: while the first fresh draft beer of the day is being served at the bar, a customers on a beer bench in the sun are coming together for a late breakfast; These include families with children, tourists from all over the world, residents and office workers.

We offer all kind of dishes – from salad over (organic) Bratkatoffeln (fried potatoes), Pasta dishes, casseroles, Labskaus (local dish), soups or burgers, in addition to daily and breakfast offers. The dishes are elegant, simple and full! A rare place of togetherness in the heart of St.Georg.